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Digitalizing Your Market Space

Digitalizing Your Market Space

Affordable Wi-Fi Installation

In recent years, the demand and expectation of Wi-Fi in hotels has increased. With the addition of online streaming programs such as Netflix, Hulu and more, it is seen as a critical factor when people choose somewhere to stay. Don’t let a poor signal disrupt your guests and compromise their enjoyment of other facilities within your premises. If your connection is slow the simple answer is to give us a call. We are able to develop a robust system capable of handling all your guests’ communication and entertainment needs. Our initial site surveys and feasibility analysis also help to create a smaller installation footprint and reduce set-up costs.

Unparalleled Quality

With more than 10 years of network installation experience we can genuinely offer a high-speed connection and steadfast coverage, whilst also maintaining an extremely cost effective business solution. Our smart Wi-Fi technology makes quality Wi-Fi more affordable than ever.

Comprehensive Management Portal

Our comprehensive management portal allows you to completely customise data limits, time allowance and pricing. Tailor the way guests’ access your network. Run free plans for guests or a corporate package for the IT convention in your conference room. This unprecedented control has never before be seen, and will soon be the benchmark for innovative wireless technology.

We provide affordable Wi-Fi installation and set-up services. Ask us about our free Wi-Fi network appraisal to meet your current and future Wi-Fi needs Call today Sales 1300 881 591 Technical Support 1300 687 728